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Success Means Thinking Three Steps Ahead

I practice law with integrity and relentless determination to achieve your goals, creating innovative solutions while always planning three steps ahead.

I am frequently called on to tackle uniquely complex business law and personal wealth management issues, because I am willing to provide the level of personal and exploratory attention necessary to succeed. That process begins by taking the time to understand the client’s situation and their goals. From there, I break the problem down into its component parts, addressing every one of them individually, with care and skill. I look ahead to potential issues or opportunities that may appear further down the line, allowing my clients to mitigate problems before they even become problems, and capitalize on opportunities that may not have been immediately obvious.


Photo of President George W. Bush And Ian Heyman
Photo of President George W. Bush And Ian Heyman

Providing Top-Tier, Presidential Treatment To Every Client

In the early 2000s, I had the privilege of working with President George W. Bush in furthering the diverse interests of many Ohioans, ensuring the voices of our state’s constituents were heard on a national level. During that same period in 2003, I was recognized in the Wall Street Journal as one of Ohio’s outstanding businessmen, and have continued that tradition of excellence in providing superior representation to all my clients. Those experiences working with the best of the best taught me how to achieve any goal desired, and I continue to utilize those skills for every client my law firm represents.

One of my biggest takeaways from my experiences with President Bush was the recognition that the same attention to detail and hard work that made my work and communication with the President successful, needed to be applied for every one of my clients. Every business and individual I represent deserves and gets that same gold standard, and my commitment to understanding and achieving client goals is what makes the difference.

Whether it’s managing and scaling businesses, drafting contracts, resolving business disputes, or creating corporate alternatives to probate, my law firm provides comprehensive representation that has been proven, over time, to deliver exactly what clients are looking for: ultimate confidence and security for the future.

The Four Components Of A Successful Business: Structure, Management, Service And Paperwork

Photo of Ian Heyman, Esq.

Ian Heyman