More Than 25 Years Of Skilled Legal Representation For Businesses And Individuals

Supporting Business Needs And Protecting Individual Wealth

As a business law attorney and estate planning lawyer, I have been assisting large and small businesses for over 25 years in Columbus and throughout Ohio. As the founder of the Law Office of Ian Heyman LLC, I understand that every business has specific needs unique to that business and that those needs must be met. We all work hard to accumulate wealth and assets, and I work hard on your behalf to preserve and protect those assets.

Building the right team to support and operate your business requires the proper structure. The right team to keep your structure starts with selecting the right lawyer to meet your needs. Beyond your business, I also want to help you protect and preserve your assets and wealth for generations to come.

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Comprehensive Business, Estate, And Asset Management Legal Services

At my firm, I offer comprehensive business, estate, and asset management services across a broad spectrum of industries including the following:

  • Business law services from start to finish: I help clients with all aspects of business operations and transactions. Whether it is choosing the proper corporate structure for a business, satisfying compliance issues and reporting requirements, or providing business succession planning services, I can help to ensure that your business continues successfully, even in times of transition.
  • Real estate transactions: Whether it’s drafting commercial leases or real estate asset management, I provide comprehensive counsel, guidance, and legal support throughout the process.
  • Estate planning and asset protection: My clients work extremely hard to achieve success in their businesses, and I provide wealth management strategies to ensure those assets and wealth are preserved for generations to come.

My firm provides tailored solutions and customized services designed for each client’s unique situation. I want my team at the Law Office of Ian Heyman LLC to become a part of your team.

Giving Back To The Columbus Community

Outside my law practice, I work with a variety of nonprofits that serve people and animals in need. Utilizing my knowledge of state fundraising laws to help non-profit organizations raise funds to help people with cancer, mental health challenges, and special needs has been some of the most rewarding work I’ve experienced.

Compassion For Animals: Foundation Farms

Care and respect for animals has always been part of my life. I have personally rescued over 200 horses over the years, including rescuing many dogs, cats, and a variety of other animals. My family continues to operate Foundation Farms, Ltd., finding homes for as many animals as we can. Taking care of animals is a part of my family heritage, and I am proud to continue it.

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At the Law Office of Ian Heyman LLC, I work with clients to facilitate and achieve both short and long-term legal goals. Available seven days a week, I offer in-person and digital appointments. Clients can be confident in my legal support because I work hard to ensure every client feels secure, confident, and protected. Call me today at 614-694-0055 or reach out online to schedule a free consultation.